The abundance of music, dozens of craft places, kettles with soups and sausages, multiple stages, interesting people, and fun souvenirs. This is only the highlight of the annual celebration of music – Lyons Fiddle Festival. The festival takes place in Pennsylvania and gathers hundreds of people from different parts of the country from year to year.

Lyons Fiddle is one of the oldest music festivals in the USA in general. The festival has received the national recognition and becomes the major music event in the state. Both locals and foreigners wait for this moment each year. People prepare to perform on the big stage, rehearsal, plan the menu, and make souvenirs. Every September Lyons Fiddle Festival opens its doors for the lovers of music, art, and delicious food. The festival is not limited to music only. It is a place of traditional PA Dutch food, crafts, and fun contests. If you love dancing, you are welcome to visit the festival too.

What is a Typical Lyons Fiddle Festival?

The Lyons Fiddle Festival has survived since 1985 due to the help of sponsors and volunteers. People want the festival to keep going, so they help it financial with a great pleasure.

Music. Of course, the Lyons Fiddle Festival is about the music first of all. Some people prepare songs and performances to participate in the general contest. Others come here just to hear and sing favorite compositions among the friends. They bring cellos, guitars, violas, banjos, flutes, and djembes to the festival. Here you can meet adults, teenagers, and toddlers as well. The general atmosphere is amazing. The festival’s stage accepted such artists and bands as Grexin, Stephen Werner, Judy Terwilliger, Crow Hill, The Martin Sisters, The Hillbilly Gypsies, Zepp Family Band, etc. The competition is open for people of all ages and styles. Any kind of music from folk to indie is welcome here.

Food. The second important element of the Lyons Fiddle Festival is the food. The PA Dutch cuisine is on the top of the list of every foodie. It includes soups with egg noodles, apple butter, chicken and waffles, coleslaw, cup cheese, potato rolls, sugar cookies, whoopee pies, shoofly pies, etc. The food is very appetizing and hearty. You will definitely find something to your taste. Even children are delighted with the PA Dutch cuisine. The combination of good music and delicious food soothes the soul at the Lyons Fiddle Festival.

Craft area. A craft area at the festival deserves special attention. Dozens of artists come here to present the unique clothes, jewelry, home accessories, etc. Women can wander between the rows of silver jewelry while men can try out the antique models of cars and music instruments. The true fans of the festival will definitely find something for themselves in the souvenir area (T-shirts, bracelets, hats, hoodies, etc.).

The Lyons Fiddle Festival is more than a simple music event. It is the event, which keeps the national traditions of music alive. Approximately 1.000 people take a time to spend several days in a family circle or with their friends at the Lyons Fiddle Festival each year. The community of the festival is like a big family with its own traditions, food, and magical atmosphere.

NB! Alcohol, pets, and cooler are strictly forbidden at the festival. So, make sure to take care of the smallest member of your family – dog or cat- in advance. Leave it with your friends and come here to enjoy the music, food, and art. The Lyons Fiddle Festival is waiting for you on September 17, 2017.

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