The Lyons Fiddle Festival is an annual music event held in the heart of Pennsylvania region – Berks County. The festival differs from other popular events in the USA due to having a long history and staying faithful to the original traditions.

The history of the festival started with the history of the city. Lyons was founded in distant 1860 as a small rail station. Years later locals decided to organize a festival to preserve the old traditions of the art of fiddling. Step-by-step the number of festival’s visitors became larger and a small local event transformed into an important music festival in the country. The age of visitors changed too. Children and teenagers showed the desire to participate in the festival’s competitions, making the Lyons Fiddle Festival a true place for a family.

So, how does Lyons Fiddle Festival look from the inside?

Lyons Fiddle Festival: Music and Food

The general atmosphere at the Lyons Fiddle Festival is more than friendly. Most people come here each year, so the festival community has already become like a big family. The festival is getting younger. Many parents take their toddlers with them to spend some relaxing time in a family circle. Even the chairmen of the festival are impressed by the number of children, that come to the festival each year. At the same time, the reason is clear. The Lyons Fiddle Festival is a smart combination of live music, delicious food, and fun atmosphere.

Music. Music is the central element of the festival. People come here both to participate in a competition and to play their favorite music with people holding the same views. There is no one concrete music style you can meet at the festival. The Lyons Fiddle Festival is a combination of folk, indie, indie-rock, etc. Usually, people bring their own guitars, violas, banjos, flutes, accordions, mandolins, etc. People just jamming, learn to play, or teach to play others. And, of course, the main part is a competition for bands and artists. Jam sessions at the festival deserve special attention. Just imagine 10, 20, and even 30 people jamming together at the same time. The music sounds in every corner of the festival. Among the artists and bands who wished to play at the Lyons Fiddle Festival were Grexin, Steve Barr Trio, Matthew Bailey, Remington Ryde, Crow Hill, Caroline Reese, etc.

Food. Food is the second important reason to visit the Lyons Fiddle Festival this year. The cuisine of the Pennsylvania Dutch has a worldwide reputation. PA Dutch food is hearty and diverse. At the festival, you can try famous Pennsylvania Dutch soups, baked apples, chicken and waffles, corn fritters, potato rolls, red beet eggs, pretzels, fasnachts, funny cakes, apple dumplings, whoopie pies, etc.

The role of the festival is more than just presenting good music and delicious food. The festival tries to preserve and to keep the traditional music of the region alive. It is a non-profit event and many years the festival is organized with the help of sponsors and volunteers. All money will be spent on the future festival organization and Lyons Park surroundings. The community tries to maintain the park for children in the way it was created many years ago. So, if you are interested, find a Lyons Park on your map and save a few free days in September 2017 to be able to come to Pennsylvania to Lyons Fiddle Festival too. A combination of good music and tasty food is never a bad idea.


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