Love music? Then don’t miss a festival which is a true celebration of art, music, and traditions since distant 1983.

Lyons Fiddle Festival in Eastern Pennsylvania is a paradise for music lovers, admirers of art, and those who just want to have fun. Every year, hundreds of adults, children, and toddlers come here to present their talents to the general public. The stage of the Lyons Fiddle Festival welcomes people from age 4 to 94 to perform and encourages them not to be afraid to show their talents to the whole country.

September 16, 2012Lyons Fiddle Festival TRSRiver, left, 4, and Ruby Greemlee, 2, of Bowen, Pa., play in front of the stage at the Lyons Fiddle Festival in Lyons, Pa. on Sept. 16, 2012.

So, what is so special in this place that hundreds of people are ready to travel long distances only to be here, even for a couple of days?

Why Visit the Next Lyons Fiddle Festival

The Lyons Fiddle Festival is one of the oldest events in the country. Everything started with a simple Lyons Borough Park (1976) and a small budget of 300$ (1985). The festival was a real splash. Almost 300 people came to listen to favorite bands and to taste the home cooking. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, so the festival has become a cultural tradition step-by-step, from year to year.

In 2015 the festival has changed a lot. New sponsors, new committee members, new ideas, and new prospects brought a breath of fresh air to the festival. Now it kicks stronger than the most of younger similar events.

September 16, 2012Lyons Fiddle Festival TRSSuzanne Oleson, of the band Chasing Blue, performs at the Lyons Fiddle Festival in Lyons, Pa. on Sept. 16, 2012.

Every year the list of artists, performing at the festival, becomes longer and longer. From amateurs to real professionals – true musicians come here to deep into the atmosphere of history, culture, and of course music. 2017 promises to be very spectacular. Among the most expected artists are «Far From the City», «The Martin Sisters», «The Hillbilly Gypsies», and Caroline Reese. The variety of musical instruments at the festival is impressive – violins, guitars, flutes, clarinets, cellos, etc.

The Lyons Fiddle Festival is a combination of folk, country, indie, and bluegrass music. It is much more than a simple music festival. Colorful landscapes, homemade food, picnics on the grass, and lots of music keep whatever age entertained from early morning until late at night.

Crafters take a special place in the festival. Every year multiple talented crafters attend Lyons Fiddle Festival to present sewn and embroidered items, cloth books, hand crafted baskets, DIY cards, metal bracelets, photography, stone jewelry, terrariums, original T-shirts, etc. The food pavilions are packed from morning till night. Here is a PA Dutch cuisine in its fullness. The smell of homemade soups is going to blow you away.

The competition at the festival has a friendly atmosphere, providing every visitor with his/her favorite participant. Visitors listen to the participants, choose the best one to their opinion, and support them through the whole competition. In 2017 the competition will be bigger than ever before. So, it will be harder for the judges to make the final decision too. These are the main elements, which make the Lyons Fiddle Festival so unique and so different from similar events. The secret is the true atmosphere of home, friendship, and art. Even the rainy weather can’t keep the crowd away from the festival days.

On September 17, 2017, hundreds of people will gather again to listen to favorite music, to taste a homemade food, and simply enjoy their time with friends and family. Join the crowd too, and become the guest of honour on the next Lyons Fiddle Festival in Eastern Pennsylvania. Bring your instruments, friends, and family members and visit the next festival together to become an essential part of the festival community.

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