Are you ready to give money to charity? How many people trust charity organizations? Why do any doubts arise? Experts note that less people give rein to emotions; in most cases, decisions are taken excessively rationally. According to the statistics, 76% of Americans do not have experience in being involved in charity activities in general. The main reason behind the fact is that people follow stereotypes. The majority thinks that small donations are meaningless, and they are afraid of scammers, who will use their money with a different purpose. Finally, our relationship with money also plays a role: there is a subconscious fear that someone will dispose of our financial resources when making charitable payments.

But should people get involved in charitable giving? We can definitely say “YES.” Without charitable activities and donations, it could be simply impossible for non-profit organizations like The Lyons Fiddle Festival to bring value to people and benefit a community. Thanks to such organizations, we can make our society more humane, civilized, and sensitive; make people think about to-morrow, care for children, pensioners, and welfare of a whole country. What’s more, today a number of those who want to make money out of charity has decreased, and people tend to use payment systems and banks that provide absolute safety of donated funds. On the top of that, there are many services for the selection of credit cards with good conditions like Effectify so that those running charity organizations could use the most beneficial banking program. In such a way, useless charges, risks, and expenses are simply eliminated.

Charity – The Standard of Living of a Decent Person

An average American buys one thing every 2-3 days. According to the World Resources Institute, in the United States and England, up to 40-50% of the purchased food is thrown away. In general, impulsive shopping is indicated as a disease in the list of mental disorders. But why not to donate this money to those in need or simply help the community you live in? You can participate in loan affiliate program and earn your money for charity in pay per lead network.

It is important to understand that charity is a culture of people and not the amount of money collected by them. It is not important how much you have donated to good deeds since you should internally understand the necessity of your acts. Even if a person has a small income and donates small sums, there is always a sense in his help. Charity is not necessarily a deduction of money. It is possible to engage in charity without abstracting from your profession. Lawyers can give free advice to those who need it. Teacher can help with free tutoring. Art critic can conduct a free excursion for children from poor families. Photographer can provide a master class of photography. Charity is easy to come up with; the main thing is to start thinking about it.